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Quick, easy and without emptying your wallet. Plus, we do all the work. Sit back and let Brucy take care of it.

You've just discovered the best service, team, and platform for creating your new website - or rather, your complete digital presence. You'll get more than just a website.

Why choose Brucy?

Fast, simple and affordable - Webpage as a service

Tired of expensive web agencies speaking in technical jargon and mood boards? Or pulling your hair out with Do-It-Yourself platforms like WordPress, Webflow, Squarespace, and other CMSs? Brucy is the solution! You avoid all that. With us, you get a top-notch website and design, we do the work, everything is included, all support, and you hardly need to do anything.

We are confident that we can help you achieve great results. Please contact us for a free quote and proposal.

The story of Brucy

Our founders have extensive experience in the web from their own companies and merits

Among them, Eric Gisaeus, co-founder of Breakit.se, Ocast.com, SchoolParrot, and several other digital companies.

The team behind Brucy has numerous large and successful websites and platforms behind them. We have also made mistakes, learned, and moved forward.

This wealth of knowledge and experience gave us the insight that there is greater value to offer companies.

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You've just discovered the best service, team and platform for creating your new website.